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How to update software version

Depending on the currently installed version: 

  • 2.49.0 or later: Upgrade to this release by installing the image. 

  • 2.48.x or earlier: Contact Fixposition for upgrade options. 

To install the software update image (.swu file): 

  1. Prepare the sensor for upgrade: 

  • Ensure the sensor has a reliable power supply. A power outage during the software update process can make the sensor unusable. 

  • Ensure that a reliable network connection is used. Using an ethernet connection is strongly recommended. Using a Wi-Fi connection is strongly discouraged. 

  1. Go to the web interface ( in the default ethernet configuration) and go to System → Firmware 

  2. Load the updated image (the .swu file) into the Software Update form (drag and drop, or click to open the system’s file open dialogue to select the .swu file). 

  3. Wait until the update process has completed and the sensor has rebooted. 

  • Note that when upgrading from 2.58.0 or earlier the update page will be stuck at “The system will restart. Please be patient, as restarting takes about one minute.”. Please wait a minute and then manually open to get back to the main interface. 

  1. Verify that the Configuration → Fusion page settings are correct and adjust them as needed. 

Important: Software releases prior to 2.85 reset some configurations, such as the output configuration. Check and update the configuration accordingly. 

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